Rice Mills in Tamilnadu
Rice Mills in Tamilnadu

Searching for the leading Rice Mills in Tamilnadu? Then your search ends with us. Whatever may be you demands, we provide you with the best quality rice brands. We use extended mechanism for our Advanced Rice Mill to carry out certain tasks cautiously. We have enormous silos and warehouse to produce a good quality of rice. The mill is now running exclusively on Buhler’s state-of-art technology and Buhler state of optical sorting technology – to identify and separate defective and foreign items from the product stream by color, shape or other optical properties. Further installation of Buhler’s rice milling and dehulling machines enabled the mill to increase its output and efficiency. We ensure high degree of attractive whiteness surface finish from matte to silky gloss. Buhler rice mills are engineered which can be helpful to maximize yield of head rice, minimize product breakage and deliver consistent product quality. Buhler mills are characterized by efficient power consumption and less maintenance costs, thereby reducing operating costs. This helps the consumers to consume an outstanding quality at an affordable price. The process of our product is manufactured under authoritarian supervision and quality check limitations. From the selection of paddy seed’s health to final step of rice package, each step has a set of quality check parameters and implemented to our quality control management. As a result, the shape of rice, taste, and aroma is luscious.

Core Activity: Rice Manufacturer and Exporter.
Production Capacity: 150 Ton/day

Appachi Rice Package

Though we give importance to quality of rice, we give equal priorities on packaging of rice as well. The art of packing the premium rice with hygienic conditions, we ensure that the rice can be preserved for long term usage. The packing of rice will be prepared in such a way so that the tampered proof will not be affected. The Freshness, taste and aroma will stay for a longer duration.