Parboiled rice producer in india
Parboiled rice producer in india

Appachi Brand Rice is a pioneer manufacturer and an exporter of rice products. We offer good quality of parboiled rice in India and in certain countries. We are one of the leading Parboiled rice producer in India, we work towards satisfying our clients in providing the best quality rice varieties. Half of world population eats rice as a staple diet. Our paddy selection assures the rice is nutritionally balanced for day to day consumption. Quality is the main characteristic of our Packing and Production process. The paddy which we select possesses an outstanding characteristic which makes the matured grain to show a fluffy texture. Our Parboiled Rice is Gluten free and it constitutes essential carbohydrates and amino acids for a good meal. We process our rice in our traditional way which was handled by our ancestors to engulf the traditional touch.

Our Mission

We aim to provide limited varieties of rice to all people at all times. Our approach is to be consistent towards the excellence in quality and timely delivery.

Our Vision

It gives us pride when people appreciate our rice. Our vision is to provide you tastier & healthier varieties of rice with the best quality that will bring the greatest extent of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Why Us

We are still adhering the old tradition of trust and loyalty. We have created the image of Quality, Quantity, Satisfaction and Reputation among people. We are never deviated by our norms and policies. As we are from Chettinad, the name chettinad stands in first place for food and taste all over the world. We don’t compromise in quality and taste. Our production team is very responsive and supportive to improve the quality of rice and they are more helpful to us to reach the growth.